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We all live in a very hectic world, so we need a moment each day to quiet our mind and soul, even if it's for a small snippet in time. Here, I provide a forum where you can share with our spiritual community your own Zen Moments that bring peace and solace into your life. I am most inspired when I hear uplifting messages and stories by my fellow spiritual seekers, so please share Your Zen Moments with all of us to help us unite our collective consciousness and universal human condition. ~Moon

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Soft Humming Headsets…


Soft Humming Headsets…

Your Zen Moment by Dennis Harbolt (Seattle, WA)… Working in avionics integration lab we wear headsets and communicate over an intercom system.  The other day a couple of the channels were abuzz with chatter about the upcoming Seahawks game, testing problems, and gripes about having to come to work on a Saturday.  I