How I View & Handle Money Issues

How I View & Handle Money Issues

I respond to a viewer, Lori Ann, about her money worries, and talk about how I view and handle money issues in my own personal life.


  1. Rick Yoder says

    Hi Moon,

    I wanted to let you know that your new style and topics and initiative to show your real life is going FANTASTIC.

    I loved today’s ideas about how to handle money issues. I loved last week’s message. I loved watching your mom and that Jojoba oil.

    Your new path is really working well. When we see your ‘real life’ through your eyes, your message is so much more credible and enjoyable. It’s sort of like being part of a discussion, rather than listening to a canned lecture.

    And of course, …a lot of people are more open to your words when you look so naturally pretty on camera. The production value and look and colors and sound are first class.

    Please keep making these wonderful videos and sharing your personal life and daily practice with us.

    McLean, Virginia

    • Moon Cho says

      Hello Rick! Thank you sooo much for your kind words of encouragement. My heart is happy that my personal tips are helping you in your journey of life, which is why I wake up every day and feel inspired to do Yin & Yang Living, so that I may serve you — my fellow humans — in a way that can make an impact in your life.