Why Giving Thanks Empowered My Life!

Why Giving Thanks Empowered My Life!

Some years ago, when I started my journey to change my life and empower myself, I didn’t know where to begin, feeling very overwhelmed, like I was trying to climb Mt. Everest.  I realized that I needed to be realistic and climb a small hill first and the best way to begin to change my life without feeling overwhelmed was to just give thanks for everything in my life.  This empowering technique has changed my life in more ways than I can count, so I share with you how giving thanks empowered my life!


  1. Monique says

    I am greatful for this moment watching and listening to you. Happy Thanksgiving Moon.
    I am always greatful throughout the day, and I really liked your example the problem
    and the solution. I will try and remember that.

  2. Anita M Woodham says

    I agree with you that being thankful can be the first step to reconnecting with our joy. It’s really helping me by reminding me of all that is good. Thanks for sharing your gratefulness and yes let’s not forget to show gratitude for our elimination (loved your commitment with the toilet shot). Love your work xx