How My Beliefs Create My Reality

How My Beliefs Create My Reality

For many years I believed that if I can see the manifestation, then I can believe it is true.  One of the biggest moments in my spiritual awakening was to discover that my beliefs are actually a pre-cursor to the manifestation, so I share with you how my beliefs are the most powerful agents for creating my own reality


  1. says

    Thank you Moon,
    I strongly believe that saying mantra to yourself every day is the key to change your mindset and reprogram your mind and just staying positive in every way possible. Thank you for all that you do. I wish one day to have a website that shows my gift to express my deepest inner inspirational and motivational soul purpose to the world. You are absolutely wonderful in every way, especially the way your message, it just came out fill with love.

    • Moon Cho says

      Hello Pang…. I am glad that you see the value in mantras and staying positive in life. Many blessings and love.

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