Come Home to your Soul with the Yin & Yang Living Line of Prayer Beads

Come Home to your Soul with the Yin & Yang Living Line of Prayer Beads


During one of my meditations, I had a powerful vision of the Yin & Yang Living prayer beads — a message from my spirit guides and this Universe — so I  designed and developed the Yin & Yang Living line of prayer beads (necklaces and bracelets) based on my logo — the crescent moon (the yin) and the round sun (the yang), representing me and my late sister Sun, for whom I created Yin & Yang Living.  In Chinese, the yin represents the moon and yang the sun, so I always my sister Sun and I are the yin and yang.  Therefore, on each prayer bead, you will find that both the chain and the charm have the crescent moon and round sun shapes reflecting my yin and yang logo.  In order to further help you to connect to your inner light, your soul, with each prayer bead purchased, you will have access to a private mantra or meditation video to guide you in your journey of life.

Because of the harmony of the yin and yang, the moon and sun, the Yin & Yang Living prayer beads have such spiritual energies behind them. Prayer beads have been used for thousands of years in spiritual practices around the world to help connect with our souls, the realm of our higher consciousness, and represent one of the most powerful physical objects to bridge the physical and energetic spiritual realms.    As you may  know, I am most passionate about my spirituality, so the manifestation of these prayer beads made so much sense in my Yin & Yang Living journey. I truly believe that the Yin & Yang Living prayer beads paired with a mantra video will help you come home to your soul.

I am sooo excited to launch the Yin & Yang Living line of prayers beads paired with mantra videos, which will be available this year!!