God Lives in Each of Us….

God Lives in Each of Us….


My Zen Moment…

As I was walking my dog, Happee, I encountered this carved message: “Jesus Lives” nailed to a large wooden cross.  The simplicity of the wood, carving, and message immediately captured my attention, which made me reflect on our relationship to God.

As we’re all created in the image of God, I know that Jesus or Buddha or Shiva or Allah (or whatever name you choose to give the Divine) lives within each of us, so when we spend time to look inward, perhaps through meditation or prayer, we can all recognize the God within ourselves.   Through this recognition, we feel unconditionally loved and can find infinite peace that transcends everything in this material and physical world — the state of ultimate happiness.  I felt so warm knowing that God is always home in my heart and soul

The more I reflected on this profound message, the more I found my own power of strength, resilience and conviction in my soul’s path.  “Jesus Lives” truly brought me to my Zen Moment…

If you would like to express your own Zen Moment, please share it with our spiritual community through this link. Namaste.