My Daily Drinking Habits to Optimize my Health!

My Daily Drinking Habits to Optimize my Health!

One of the most important ways that I can maintain and optimize the health of my mind, body and soul is to hydrate myself with good liquids. I have a daily drinking habit in the morning and afternoon I share with you.


  1. Gretchen Ehrsam says

    I drink a tea made from Rose petals, lemon balm, mint, and raspberry leaves. I find it is a good detox . Also prior to making this tea I used to wake up in the night with acid reflux and heart burn. Now I drink it before bed and all those symptoms have gone away. and the best part is that it all comes from my garden and is FREE!

    • Moon Cho says

      Grethen, I love rose petals in green tea and in the meditative green tea I drink there are flowers in there. Your drink sounds heavenly and thank you sooo much for sharing.