Korean Rice and Beans

Korean Rice and Beans

In most Korean restaurants, they offer “Chakokbap,” which is rice and beans.  Sushi rice is cooked in the bean juice, and the beans give the rice a wonderful texture.  More tasty and nutritious, this is a wonderful way to jazz up your rice!


  • Black & Red beans (1 cup, 1/2 black and 1/2 red)
  • Sticky short grained white rice (3 cups)
  • Bean Juice (4.5 cups)
  • Crock Pot or Pressure Cooker to cook beans


  1. Rick Yoder says

    Hi Ms. Moon,
    I really loved this video. You took the mystery out of cooking my favorite dish. I can’t wait to buy some dry red beans at H-Mart this weekend. Thanks so much.

    I would also like to compliment you on all of your efforts at this website. I have been watching your videos and getting your twitters and emails for a few months now. I am extremely impressed at your commitment to helping people find a positive healthy lifestyle. You are doing a great job. Please keep going. I think you are really making a difference.

    Best Wishes,

    Rick Yoder
    McLean, Virginia

    • Moon Cho says

      Hello, Rick! I am glad that I can be of service to you in your journey to live a healthier life. This is my calling and purpose. Your words have provided me with such encouragement to continue on with this journey. Thank you for such kind words!!