Which Foods I Buy Organic

Which Foods I Buy Organic

Because organic foods are expensive, I am choosy about which foods I buy organic because I’m on a budget, so I review meats, dairy, fruits, vegetables and grain food groups and where I choose to buy organic.


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    Good Morning Moon,

    I have been looking forward to this show, as you mentioned earlier you were going to do it. Thank you again….I do try and buy everything organic, but sometimes I just cant. Its a matter of money and the store I happen to be in. I feel better about the veggies and lettuce now. Farmers Markets during the summer make it easier but in the winter months its harder to find produce I can buy organic. I was wondering what about root vegetables? Potatoes, carrots and such?

    One tip a holistic Dr. gave me about washing produce is soaking all in a sink full of water with about 1/4 cup (or more) of hydrogen peroxide for 15 mins. This even takes care of parasites that may be lurking. Drain and then do the same with vinegar . This stops the action of the HP and further cleanses. I’ve been using this method for about 10 years now. Sometimes I don’t have a 1/2 hour, though, and just use vinegar the same as you.

    Anyway, thank you again for your efforts…they are much appreciated!

    • Moon Cho says

      Thanks for the hydrogen peroxide tip. I am shooting the video about how I wash and store my fruits and veggies next week and will mention your tip and give you credit!!!